AA REIT is sponsored by Australian financial groups, AIMS Financial Group and AMP Capital.

AIMS Financial Group

Established in 1991, AIMS Financial Group ("AIMS") is a diversified financial services and investment group, active in the areas of mortgage lending, securitisation, investment banking, funds management , property investment and stock broking. AIMS also 100 per cent owns Sydney Stock Exchange.

Since 1999, AIMS has raised approximately A$4.0 billion in funds from the capital markets. This includes both residential mortgage-backed securities and investments into Australia from overseas investors. AIMS is also the investment manager for AIMS Fund Management and manages approximately A$1.8 billion as at 31 March 2016. Since 2009 after the global financial crisis, AIMS Group had a total acquisition and investment amount of over A$2.0 billion assets.

AIMS' head office is in Sydney, Australia, and it has businesses across Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our highly qualified, professional and experienced cross-cultural teams enable AIMS to bridge the gap between Australia and China across various sectors.


AMP Capital

AMP Capital is committed to delivering outstanding investment outcomes for clients with contemporary solutions in fixed income, equities, real estate, infrastructure and multi-asset portfolios. Sharing a heritage with AMP that spans more than 160 years, AMP Capital is one of the largest investment managers in the Asia Pacific region. A home strength in Australia and New Zealand has enabled AMP Capital to grow internationally, and operations are now established in Bahrain, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the United States.

AMP Capital collaborates with a network of global investment partners, leveraging insights to provide greater access to new investment opportunities across a range of single sector and diversified funds. For more information, please visit: ampcapital.com.au